About the Artist

I was born in 1952 in Niesky, Upper Lusatia and moved after my graduation to Bautzen for professional training.

Afterwards I moved to Dresden for a couple of years and found my new home in Lübben now. I started working in the county music school Dahme-Spreewald in 1989 and taught after six years of training concert, electric and bass guitar. With my students I realized band projects and we gave many public concerts in the area. To our delight we were allowed to play as the supporting act for the Puhdys, City and Karat.

Along the way I was also interested in painting and so I worked on my development in this area for myself. I was offered various solo exhibitions in Lübben, Goyatz, Schönwalde and Niesky, which pushed my development of painting.

In summer of 2007 I took a correspondence course at the Academy of Painting in Berlin under Ute Wöllmann (master student of Georg Baselitz).

As a freshman I dealt mainly with watercolor painting - my motifs were mostly portraits, especially of children. Later I devoted myself to oil painting and sociocritical topics influenced my work as well. For me the viewer played a special role. I tried to pack him into a specific point of view with my art work.

Major highlights during my studies were a personal image consultation with the Berlin painter Norbert Bisky in 2009 and two weekend trainings with the painter Jonas Burgert, whose topics included »The Consequence of Visual Language«.

In 2010, I took part in the foundation of a BGB company and became a co-owner of Galery ROOT at Savigny-Platz in Berlin, where I was able to participate in solo and group exhibitions.

After graduation I became a master student of Ute Wöllmann.

By now I have successfully organized various solo exhibitions in Lübben, Cottbus and the surrounding area in order to be perceived by the people there.

I deliberately chose a naturalistic style of painting and strive to incorporate my imagination and feelings.